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Illuminations Q4 2022: Newly Launched!: 120V Dedicated CCT-Selectable (and Power- Selectable) DirectAC LED Engines/Kits, Coming Soon: Panel & Troffer Retrofits…

Illuminations Q3 2022: Introducing our New Director of Distribution Sales David Delmonico, Introducing Aaron Welch, DST RSM Eastern Region, cULus Running Man Emergency Signage order-able & shipping soon…

Illuminations Q2 2022: Launch of CCT Selectable DC LED VividHorse Modules, Pre-Launch of Running Man EM Signage, LFI reporting, and more!…

Illuminations Q1 2022: Launch of CCT Selectable DC LED Retrofit Kits and SHS4P-UNV-C Programmable SunHorse Germicidal UV Ballasts with Feature-Rich Display!, Register for LFI in Vegas, and please welcome 3 new Fulham staffpeople…

Illuminations Q4 2021: Imminent launch of the new SHS4P-UNV-C Programmable SunHorse Germicidal UV Ballast! Fulham is hiring, AHR Expo in Vegas from 1/31-2/2, and more…

Illuminations Q3 2021: Launch of the all new SHS15P-UNV-H Programmable SunHorse Germicidal UV Ballast! The “Powered by Fulham” program is going strong. HotSpot EZ Exit is in stock and shipping! Fulham is hiring, and more!

Illuminations Q2 2021: Launch of two new FireHorse Emergency items, two new additions to the OEM Sales team, spec sheet edits, online user experience alterations, Fulham is hiring, and more!

Illuminations Q1 2021: Launch of four new or enhanced SunHorse Germicidal UV Ballasts for health & safety luminaire applications, Fulham is hiring, and more!

Illuminations Q4 2020: Furtherance of our ESSENTIALs platform, launch of Vizion ECO Series Linear LED modules, teaser of SunHorse Programmables launching in a few weeks, indication of new literature and sales tools, and more.

Illuminations Q3 2020: Launches of our Bluetooth IoT Gateway, updated Vizion products and pre-launch of 6 programmable ThoroLED drivers. Announcement of the POWERED BY FULHAM initiative, alignment on Essential products and an expansion of our virtual literature library. Promotion of the many new videos on our YouTube channel.

Illuminations Q2 2020: Launches of 3 HotSpot Constant Power Emergency Drivers, the new FireHorse 25W Micro-Inverter, and 2 new EliteControl SmartLink+ Sensors. Welcome of 2 new OEM Sales Managers to the team, publishing of a new Lighting Guide and unveiling of Fulham’s reclaimed and refreshed horse branding.

Illuminations Q4 2019: A message from the CEO, new resources for the HotSpot Plus 70S and EZ Exit Emergency System, three new sales agents, and upcoming international trade shows.

Illuminations Q3 2019: The launch of new Linear DirectAC Retrofit Kits and Bluetooth SmartBridge lighting controller, utility rebate resources, and new tutorial videos on Bluetooth commissioning.

Illuminations Q2 2019: Announcing new CEO Antony Corrie, the launch of a family of Bluetooth mesh products, a Sapphire Award win for the Power over Ethernet driver, and the HotSpot EZ Exit Emergency System now available.

Illuminations Q4 2018: The next generation of DC LED Retrofit Kits, new emergency and European products catalogs, and programmable driver counter displays and cross-reference tools.

Illuminations Q3 2018: New Low Profile LinearHO modules, awards for two innovative new Fulham products, a white paper discussing self-diagnostics for emergency lighting, new outdoor drivers, and Fulham product information on RepFiles.

Illuminations Q2 b 2018: Linear High Output LED Retrofit Kits, a white paper on next generation digital dimming, new wet location emergency light, and programmable driver cross reference tool

Illuminations Q2 a 2018: New products for Lightfair 2018, updated North American catalog and LED Retrofit Catalog, and a new utility rebate finder tool.

Illuminations Q1 2018: Bluetooth® and Power over Ethernet control solutions, the launch of Vizion LED Light Sources, new energy-saving emergency ballasts, and a white paper on certifications and testing.

Previous Newsletters

Illuminations 12/12/17: New universal voltage DirectAC LED Retrofit Kits, CEC updates for HotSpot2 LED emergency systems, cULus listing for LED highbay retrofit kits, new regional catalogs, and articles and interviews with Fulham experts.

Illuminations 9/26/17: New LED retrofit kit for canopies, inclusion in the 2017 IES Progress Report, new universal voltage emergency lights, and upcoming events around the world.

Illuminations 7/24/17: New CEC Title 20 compliant emergency ballast, product demonstration videos, upcoming events, and exciting developments for wireless communications.

Illuminations 6/26/17: New HotSpot constant power programmable emergency driver, slim-profile exit/emergency sign, and emergency catalog.

Illuminations 5/18/17: Lightfair 2017 roundup, new LinearHO modules, updated North America catalog, and CNS acquisition.

Illuminations 4/3/17: Wireless drivers win Sapphire Award, new wet location exit signs released, Lightfair preview, and new product videos.

Illuminations 2/23/17: New DirectAC engines, ENERGY STAR® listing for DC Retrofit Kits, upcoming events, updated product literature, and new distribution reps.

Illuminations 1/17/17: New IP65 smart LED drivers, a highbay LED retrofit kit for field installation, white paper on LED emergency retrofits, speakers and an award nomination at SiL, and updates to fulham.com.

Illuminations 12/6/16: New ECO Series linear LED modules, Fulham’s inclusion in the IDW database for distributors, the launch of a 150W Lumo Series LED driver, and a new featured product catalog for India.

Illuminations 11/15/16: A successful LED retrofit project in Las Vegas, high power LED drivers, 11W LED retrofit kits, new catalogs for the Middle East and Asia, and upcoming trade shows.

Illuminations 10/18/16: DC LED retrofit kits, an article on lighting standards and interoperability, an updated China catalog, upcoming trade shows, and new distribution reps.

Illuminations 9/19/16: New HotSpot Constant Power LED emergency drivers, an updated European catalog, upcoming trade shows and events, and the benefits of programmable drivers.

Illuminations 8/29/16: A new LED System Selection Guide, HotSpot Plus product updates, installation video for 39W LED retrofit kit, white paper on LED driver performance, and the new find-a-distributor tool on Fulham.com.

Illuminations 8/1/16: The new Lumo Series family of LED drivers, the launch of a new 18″ linear module, an LED Retrofit Kit installation video, the impact of LED street lighting, and changes to the Fulham website.

Illuminations 6/27/16: Fulham acquires Lumotech LED drivers, HotSpot1 line of Emergency LED solutions for troffers expanded, lighting’s role in the future of IoT, and a new partnership with CNS.

Illuminations 5/31/16: New linear modules and outdoor drivers, ENERGY STAR® for AC Engines, Lightfair wrap, and interview with CEO Bob Howard-Anderson.

Fulham in the News

Jan 2023 Electrical News: Fulham Launches Inventive CCT- and Power-Selectable 120V DirectAC LED Retrofit Kits

Dec 2022 Energy Watch: Fulham Launches Inventive CCT- and Power-Selectable 120V DirectAC LED Retrofit Kits

Dec 2022 Energy Line: Fulham Launches Inventive CCT- and Power-Selectable 120V DirectAC LED Retrofit Kits

Sept 2022 Global Legal Chronical: Graycliff Partners LP’s Acquisition of Fulham Company Limited

Sept 2022 Electrical Line: Fulham Appoints New Distribution Sales Lead

Sept 2022 Electrical News: Fulham Expands Emergency Program To Include LED Running Man Sign

Sept 2022 KPMG: Transactions > Exclusive financial advisor to Fulham Co. Inc

Aug 2022 Electrical Business: Fulham Receives Investment From Graycliff Partners

Aug 2022 Electrical News: Fulham Launches CCT-Selectable DC LED Constant Current Modules Only

Aug 2022 Electrical News: Fulham Adds Brian Do As OEM RSM, SouthWest

Aug 2022 Commercial Construction & Renovation: Fulham Receives Investment From Graycliff Partners

Aug 2022 Electrical News: Fulham Receives Investment From Graycliff Partners

Aug 2022 Edison Report: Fulham Receives Investment From Graycliff Partners

Aug 2022 Electrical Line: Fulham Receives Investment From Graycliff Partners

Aug 2022 inside.lighting: P.E. Firm Acquires Major Stake in Fulham

Aug 2022 Electrical News: Fulham Launches CCT-Selectable DC LED Constant Current Modules

June 2022 Electrical News: Fulham Launches CCT-Selectable DC LED Retrofit Kits

May 2022 Electrical News: Please Welcome Three Additions to the Sales Team

March 2022 Electrical News: Fulham Promotes Kyle Lavin to Mid-South OEM Sales Role

Feb 2022 Electrical News: Fulham Unveils Much Anticipated PROGRAMMABLE Germicidal UV Ballast

Jan 2022 Electrical News: Fulham Broadens Its Germicidal UV Program with Second Programmable Ballast in Essential SunHorse Series

Dec 2021 UV Solutions: Fulham Unveils Programmable Germicidal UV Ballast

May 2021 Electrical News: Fulham Announces New POWERED BY FULHAM Program

Apr 2021 Electrical News: Fulham’s Germicidal UV Line Expanded and Updated

Apr 2021 Energy Watch: Case Study – HotSpot EZ Exit LED Emergency Systems Make a Huge Impact for Newly Constructed Arizona Warehouse

Mar 2021 Energy Watch: Fulham’s Germicidal UV Line Expanded & Updated

Mar 2021 Electrical Line: Fulham’s Germicidal UV Line Expanded & Updated

Mar 2021 Electrical Line: ESSENTIAL Fulham Product Categories Delineated & Developed

Mar 2021 Electrical News: ESSENTIAL Fulham Product Categories Delineated & Developed

July 2020 LEDs Magazine: Multi-vendor Bluetooth Mesh SSL projects benefit warehouse and factory settings

June 2020 Electrical News: Two New Faces in Fulham Sales

May/June 2020 Electrical Line Magazine: For Safer, Smarter Buildings… Start with Intelligent Emergency Lighting

May 2020 Electrical Business Magazine: A Smart Standard for Smart Lighting

May 2020 EngineersOnline.nl: Noodunit LED Driver (Netherlands)

May 2020 Electrical News: The Fulham “Lighting Bible” is Back – as is the Iconic Horse!

July 2019 Electrical Wholesaler: Intelligent Emergency Lighting Enables Building Control and Better Safety

May 2019 A1 Lighting Magazine: The Health and Productivity Benefits of Human-Centric Lighting

May 2, 2019 SmartCitiesWorld: Smart Cities Need a Smarter Integration Strategy

March 2019 LEDs Magazine: Intelligent Emergency Lighting enhances the Smart Building

March 2019 Commercial Construction and Renovation Online: Emergency Lighting Improves Building Safety

February 2019 LEDs Magazine Blog: Strategies in Light helps lighting industry find its place in the Internet of Things

February 2019 AutomatedBuildings.com: Fulham comments on Improving Building Safety and Extending Automation through Wireless Connectivity

Nov/Dec 2018 Green Building & Design Magazine: Emergency Lighting is Critical for Better Building Design

November 2018 Components in Electronics Magazine: Programmable LED Lighting Lays the Foundation for IoT

November 2018 Electrical Wholesaler: Fulham comments on Using Controls Technology to Maximize the Energy-Saving Impact of LED

October 2018 A1 Lighting: Trends in Human-Centric Lighting, featuring Fulham’s Edwin Reyes

September 2018 LEDs Magazine: Fulham comments on Bluetooth Mesh Paving the Way for IoT Smart Lighting

August 2018 Health Estate Journal: Fulham comments on the Use of Bluetooth Mesh for Faster Equipment Tracking in Hospitals

Additional News Stories

August 2018 A1 Lighting: How to be Energy Efficient

July 2018 New Electronics: The Defining Period for Smart Lighting

July 2018 Electronics Weekly: Four Ways LED Lighting Makes Cities Smarter

July 2018 Electrical Contracting News: The Promise and Challenges of Smart Lighting Integration

June 2018 Novus Light Technologies Today: Dueling Control Standards in Intelligent Lighting

June 2018 Electrical Magazine: The Importance of Emergency Lighting

May/June 2018 LEDs Magazine: Light+Building Roundup- Fulham Demonstrates New Bluetooth Mesh Technology

May 2018 Novus Light Technologies Today: Smart Fixture Controls in Intelligent Lighting

April 2018 Smart Cities World: Smarter Cities- too many standards impede smart lighting for cities

April 2018 EC&M Magazine: New Considerations in Emergency Lighting by Fulham’s Alvaro Garcia

April 2018 Electrical Engineering: The Evolution of Intelligent Lighting

March 2018 LEDs Magazine: Fulham Partners with Silvair on Advancing Bluetooth Mesh Technology

February 2018 LEDs Magazine: Fulham DirectAC LED Engines on Shortlist for Sapphire Award

February 2018 A1 Lighting Magazine: Fulham Light + Building Preview

October 2017 Bluetooth Blog: Fulham’s Alvaro Garcia on Interoperability for Smart Lighting Platforms

September 2017 lightED Magazine: Fulham’s Edwin Reyes on Proposed New CEC Title 24 Rules

Spring 2017 Perpetuum Magazine: The Independent Marketplace- Convergent Smart Building Controls in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific Regions by Fulham’s Mike Welch

March 2017 LEDs Magazine: Sapphire Awards Gala spotlights evolving SSL trends

March 2017 Retrofit Magazine: Programmable LED Drivers Are Built for Harsh Environments

Feb 2017 Retrofit Magazine: LED Lighting Upgrade Adds Shine to New York-New York Resort

Feb 2017 LEDs Magazine: Fulham CEO to share insights on the LED market at Strategies in Light Investor Forum

Feb 2017 Architectural SSL: Introducing HotSpot Plus

Jan 2017 Facilitiesnet: Smart Lighting Standards – Help or Hurt for Interoperability?

8/4/16 Mondo*arc: Fulham opens new European headquarters and design centre

July/August 2016 LEDs Magazine: LED Driver Focus: HotSpot Plus All-in-One Driver

4/13/16 Retrofit Magazine: LED Engine Retrofit Kits Replace Existing Fluorescent, Incandescent and HID Light Fixtures

Jan 2016 LD+A Magazine: 2015 IES Progress Report: Fulham All-in-One LED Driver & Emergency System

Dec 2015 Sourcing Electricals & Lighting: Product Showcase: WorkHorse LED Programmable Drivers

9/22/15 NEMRA Member News: Fulham Adds Rob Horan and Chris Veira as Regional Sales Managers

Aug/Sept 2015 Mondo*arc: Fulham All-in-One LED Driver

Aug 2015 Lighting and Maintenance Magazine: Fulham Launches Programmable LED Drivers and All-in-One System

7/21/15 tED Magazine: Rising Star of the Electrical Industry 2015- Fulham’s Alvaro Garcia

7/1/15 Today’s Lighting Distributor: Fulham Introduces New Products at LightFair International

May/June 2015 LED Professional: Fulham’s New Products from Lightfair International 2015

4/24/15 Light Evolution: Fulham To Launch Several New Products at LIGHTFAIR® International 2015

4/24/15 LED Professional: Fulham to Launch Several New Products at LIGHTFAIR® International 2015

4/24/15 LEDs Magazine: Fulham to launch DALI/0-10V programmable LED drivers and LED driver/emergency battery pack system at LFI

4/24/15 Thomasnet.com: LED Drivers include programmable and battery backup versions

4/22/15 Electrical Line Magazine: Fulham to Launch DALI/0-10V Programmable LED Drivers and New HotSpot™ All-In-One LED Driver / Emergency Battery Pack System

4/20/15 LFI Media Room: Fulham to Launch DALI/0-10V Programmable LED Drivers and New HotSpot™ All-In-One LED Driver / Emergency Battery Pack System at LIGHTFAIR® International

4/3/15 LEDs Magazine: Fulham expands line of 347V LED drivers

3/31/15 Electrical Line Magazine: Fulham Expands its ThoroLED Brand of 347V LED Drivers

2/27/15 LEDs Magazine: Fulham Unveils Field-Installable LED Retrofit Kits


Recent Press Releases

8/17/22: Fulham Receives Investment From Graycliff Partners

11/12/19: Fulham Names Edwin Reyes to Lead OEM Sales Team

9/12/19: Fulham announces appointment of Prime Light as primary UK distributor

7/19/19: Fulham introduces universal voltage, linear DirectAC Retrofit Kits

5/21/19: Fulham Demonstrates SIG-Qualified Bluetooth Mesh Wireless Lighting Control System at LightFair 2019

4/23/19: Fulham Bluetooth SmartBridge 0-10V Controller Receives Product of the Year Award from Electrical Construction & Maintenance

3/20/19: Fulham Appoints Antony Corrie President & CEO

3/5/19: Fulham’s New EliteControl Power over Ethernet Driver Receives 2019 Sapphire Award from LEDs Magazine

1/28/19: Fulham Names Chris Veira to Head Distribution Sales and Harold Thompson to Head North American OEM Sales

11/13/18: Fulham Offers EliteControl Bluetooth Mesh LabKit for Fast, Easy Evaluation and Development of Wireless LED Controls

10/16/18: Fulham Releases Bluetooth Bridge to Retrofit Any 0-10v LED Luminaire for Bluetooth Mesh Wireless Control

9/11/18: Fulham Expands Line of Vizion LED Universal DC Retrofit Engines

9/5/18: Fulham’s New HotSpot EZ Exit Wins Architecture SSL Product Innovation Award

8/22/18: Fulham Introduces Low-Profile Versions of Popular LinearHO High Output LED DC Modules

7/24/18: New White Paper Describes How Digital Lighting Controls Overcomes Lack of Dimming Standards

7/10/18: Fulham and EnOcean Collaborate to Add Self-Powered Easyfit Switches to Bluetooth LED Lighting Ecosystem

6/5/18: Fulham Introduces EZExit Emergency Lighting Kit That Turns T-Grid into an Emergency Lighting Pathway to the Nearest Exit

5/8/18: Fulham Transforms Lighting Controls with Introduction of Family of Connected Bluetooth Mesh LED Lighting Components

5/8/18: Fulham Demonstrates New Power over Ethernet Line Including Light Engine and Control System at LightFair 2018

5/1/18: Fulham To Debut New 70W HotSpot Plus LED/Emergency Combo Driver at LightFair 2018

4/24/18: Fulham to Roll Out New Line of LinearHO High Output LED Retrofit Kits at LightFair 2018

4/10/18: Fulham Exec to Speak on Clever Lighting Strategies as Building Blocks for Building Automation at Niagara Summit

3/13/18: Fulham Demonstrates Bluetooth Mesh and PoE Technology for LED Lighting Control at Light+Building
English | Deutsch

3/13/18: Fulham Partners with Silvair to Demonstrate Bluetooth Mesh Technology for LED Lighting Controls at Light+Building 2018
English | Deutsch

3/13/18: Fulham Demonstrates Newest High Output LinearHO LED Modules at Light + Building 2018
English | Deutsch

3/13/18: Fulham Introduces Universal Voltage Integrated DirectAC LED Engine and Retrofit Kit to European Market at Light + Building
English | Deutsch

2/13/18: Fulham Demonstrates Newest Versions of FireHorse Emergency Ballasts; Now Compliant with CEC Title 20

2/13/18: Fulham Releases New White Paper at Strategies in Light – “Energy Star, DLC, and T24 Testing: Sorting through the Requirements”


Additional Press Releases

12/5/17: Fulham Introduces Universal Voltage Version of Integrated DirectAC LED Engine and Retrofit Kit

10/24/17: Fulham Announces Highbay ThoroLED Kit Now UL Listed for All Retrofit Applications

10/17/17: Fulham Expands Commitment to CEC Title 20 Certification with FireHorse Emergency for Fluorescent and LED Exit Emergency Lighting

10/3/17: Fulham’s Jeremy Ludyjan to Speak on Intelligent Outdoor Lighting for Smart Cities at LightShow West

8/22/17: Fulham HotSpot Constant Power Programmable LED Emergency Driver Recognized for Innovation in 2017 IES Progress Report

8/15/17: Fulham Releases Universal Voltage LED Canopy Retrofit Kit

6/20/17: Fulham’s HotSpot Constant Power LED Emergency Driver Certified for Title 20 in California and Oregon

6/6/17: Fulham’s FHEM10 Adjustable LED Emergency Light Now Certified for California Title 20

5/9/17: Fulham Introduces New DALI Lighting Control for WorkHorse LED Extreme Outdoor and High-Power Drivers at Lightfair 2017

5/9/17: Fulham Introduces LinearHO DC LED Modules at Lightfair International 2017

5/2/17: Fulham Demonstrates New LED Shoebox Retrofit Kit at Lightfair International 2017

4/25/17: Fulham Names Dan Walter Product Director, LED Drivers

4/19/17: Fulham Acquires Control Network Solutions to Bring DALI Control to Customers for Emerging Smart Lighting Products

4/11/17: Fulham Introduces Slim Profile Wet Location Exit Signs

3/7/17: Fulham Names Jeremy Ludyjan Senior Director of Field Marketing

3/6/17: Fulham Wireless Programmable WorkHorse LED Drivers Receive 2017 Sapphire Award

2/28/17: Fulham To Show New DirectAC LED Engines at Strategies in Light

2/22/17: Fulham CEO to Share Insights on the LED Market at Strategies in Light Investors Forum

2/15/17: Fulham’s Russ Sharer to Speak on Lighting Standards at Strategies in Light

1/10/17: Fulham Introduces WorkHorse LED Extreme Driver Family for Outdoor and High-Power Lighting Applications

1/4/17: Fulham Introduces Energy Efficient LED High Bay Retrofit Kit

2/15/17: Fulham’s Russ Sharer to Speak on Lighting Standards at Strategies in Light

1/10/17: Fulham Introduces WorkHorse LED Extreme Driver Family for Outdoor and High-Power Lighting Applications

1/4/17: Fulham Introduces Energy Efficient LED High Bay Retrofit Kit

12/6/16: Fulham Introduces 350 ECO Series LED DC Modules for Low Power Linear Applications

11/29/16: Fulham Products Now Included in IDW Database for Lighting Distributors

9/27/16: Fulham Adds HotSpot Plus with Bottom Side Leads for Downlight Installations

9/20/16: Fulham Introduces HotSpot Constant Power LED Emergency Drivers

8/2/16: Fulham Opens New European Headquarters and Design Centre

6/13/16: Fulham Announces Acquisition of Lumotech’s LED Driver Business

5/12/16: Fulham Partners with CNS for Web-Enabled DALI Programmable Lighting Solution

4/19/16: Fulham Introduces Outdoor Programmable LED Drivers with Optional Integrated Controls

4/19/16: Fulham Announces Partnership with Tvilight on Outdoor Wireless Drivers

4/4/16: Fulham Receives UL Listing for Class P LED Drivers

3/1/16: Fulham Names Mark Needham VP of European Sales

2/23/16: Fulham Releases 32W and 39W Field-Installable LED Engine Retrofit Kits

2/9/16: Fulham Announces HotSpot Plus LED Driver and Emergency System

2/2/16: Fulham Appoints James Cooke as CFO and Russ Sharer as Vice President of Marketing

Illuminations: European Edition

Illuminations: Europe is the official source of Fulham news for our European customers. Learn more about new European products and events, plus lighting industry trends and more. Delivered directly to your inbox, it’s a great way to keep up with new developments at Fulham. Click here to sign up.

Illuminations Europe: 12 April 2021: New SunHorse Germicidal UV ballasts, exciting updates regarding some HotSpot emergency items, introduction of a European Fulham Facebook page, urging to plan ahead in 2021, and more.

Illuminations Europe: 5 October 2018: New 12W drivers, an exciting honor for the HotSpot Plus emergency system, and lighting industry trends through the eyes of Fulham experts.

Illuminations Europe: 4 November 2017: New 25W universal mains dimmable LED driver, European featured product catalogue, new sales manager for UK/Ireland, and more.

Illuminations Europe: 23 June 2017: HotSpot Plus Emergency LED System launched, Control Network Solutions acquisition, double isolation symobls on Lumo Series drivers, and more.

Illuminations Europe: 23 February 2017: Advanced outdoor LED drivers for Smart Cities, new European catalogue, 150W Lumo Series driver launched, and technical paper on LED driver attributes.

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