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IoT Smart Lighting

IoT Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting & Internet of Things IoT Smart Technology could generally be described as reactive in some manner with the user, participant or occupant of a space or even a virtual environment. For instance, an escalator in a renovated space like an airport which...

Emergency Egress Lighting: How to set up your system and what you need to know

Inverters for LED Emergency Lighting

Fulham’s micro-inverter is a true innovation that enhances life safety emergency lighting systems. The Fulham FireHorse FHUPS1-UNV-25L-SD is a 25 Watt Micro-Inverter / Emergency Power Supply that delivers power to any lighting fixture in emergency lighting mode at 25...

Germicidal UV Guide

Germicidal UV Guide

Long before the pandemic and COVID-19, and well before Germicidal UV (ultraviolet) lighting was considered quite as essential as it is now for the mainstream population’s everyday health, well-being and survival, Fulham had developed its SunHorse Germicidal UV light...

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