LED Modules

Explore these product pages and discover the full breadth of Fulham’s VIZION, VividHorse and FarmHorse LED modules. From linear to round to rectangular and non-uniform shapes, CCT-selectable, UV, Horticulture and more, Fulham has you covered! What’s more, if you cannot find it listed among our standard offerings below, Fulham’s CUSTOM CAPABILITIES equip rapid sampling and development of shapes and outputs to your own specifications. We genuinely mean it… If you don’t see it, ask us what’s possible!

Linear Modules »

Fulham’s linear LED modules are designed for high bays, strips, troffers, vapor tights, under cabinet lights and other luminaires in commercial and residential applications. Available in multiple sizes from 1.5” to 58”, up to 100W per single module. The modules can be connected in series and parallel connections for the greatest flexibility in luminaire design.

Cuttable Modules »

Fulham’s cuttable modules are next generation flexible designs for high output linear applications. Available in 46” length by 0.72” slim width, and cuttable at the center for 23”. Each module comes with push-in connectors for easy wiring, and standard mounting hole patterns for compatibility with existing luminaires.

Constant Voltage Modules »

Fulham’s constant voltage LED modules are suitable for ambient lights, under cabinet lights and signage applications for multiple connections in parallel. With an innovative, regulated IC-based design, the constant voltage modules support a wide range of input voltage; they are suitable for end-to-end connections, and voltage drop along the string does not affect the lumen output. Available in 22” length. 90 CRI is standard.

CCT Selectable Modules »

Fulham VividHorse™ CCT selectable modules have an innovative, multi-CCT selectable design which can work with a single-channel output driver. The modules are made with advanced phosphor technology LEDs with 90 CRI to achieve the same efficacy level of today’s 80 CRI LEDs.

Round/Rectangular Modules »

Fulham’s round/rectangular modules are designed to fit most standard wall- and ceiling-mounted luminaires. Available in 7.8” round and 7.4” x 4.7” rectangular shapes, they deliver up to 34W and 23W, respectively, with 149lm/W at 90CRI. Designed to work perfectly with Fulham ThoroLED™ drivers and HotSpot™ LED emergency systems.

UFO High/Low Bay Modules »

Fulham’s 13” diameter UFO high/low bay modules are designed for up to 200W industrial high/low bay luminaires. Available in 160lm/W and 180lm/W two-efficacy levels for greatest cost-effectiveness and performance.

Outdoor Modules »

Fulham’s versatile outdoor series modules are ideal for street lights, wallpacks and canopy applications. Each module comes with push-in connectors for easy wiring, and standard mounting hole patterns for compatibility with 3rd party lenses and standard luminaires.

UV Modules »

Fulham’s UVA and UVC LED modules are ideal solutions for specialty UV light applications. Available in 365nm and 395nm peak wavelength UVA light options suitable for curing, photo-catalyst and detecting use. Also available in 270nm peak wavelength UVC light to provide high-efficiency germicidal radiation for surface sterilization and purification.

Horticulture Modules »

Fulham’s FarmHorse™ horticulture LED modules are ideal solutions for indoor vertical farming and greenhouse applications. Available in 46” length and 80W Max. per single module. Standard white + 660nm deep red plant-centric spectrum provides best cost-effective and industry-leading PPE. Fulham is also able to develop other custom light recipes to your specifications – for different types of plants/crops.

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