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Constant Voltage LED Modules

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Fulham’s constant voltage LED modules are suitable for ambient lights, under cabinet lights and signage applications for multiple connections in parallel. With an innovative, regulated IC-based design, the constant voltage modules support a wide range of input voltage; they are suitable for end-to-end connections, and voltage drop along the string does not affect the lumen output. Available in 22” length. 90 CRI is standard.

  • 24V constant voltage input, suitable for multiple parallel connections
  • Constant lumen output at 22-26VDC input
  • Typical 3 SDCM for high color consistency
  • CRI 90 standard
  • Optional diffused lens and endcaps available
  • Ideal for ENERGY STAR® applications
  • Long lifetime: L70 > 60,000hrs; L90 = 40,000hrs
  • Warranty: 5 years

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Linear Constant Voltage Modules

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