LED Drivers

Fulham’s rapidly expanding line of LED drivers provides reliable, efficient solutions for virtually any situation. Constant current and constant voltage models are available, with DALI, 0-10V, and TRIAC dimming options. Fulham’s WorkHorse LED brand of programmable drivers offer unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use. And the new LumoSeries family of LED drivers is specially designed in our European Design Centre to meet the demands of the European market.

New LED Constant Current Programmable Drivers »

Versatile, programmable indoor & outdoor Constant Current LED Drivers – several with Selectable Current.

Programmable LED Drivers

Programmable LED Drivers »

The WorkHorse LED family of programmable drivers gives users the power to create the right driver for any situation.

Constant Current LED Drivers (UNV and 120V)

Constant Current LED Drivers (UNV and 120V) »

Reliable, high-efficiency drivers in a wide range of power levels, form factors, and dimming options.


Constant Voltage LED Drivers »

Flexible constant voltage drivers that are ideal for signage applications and outdoor fixtures.

LumoSeries LED Drivers

LumoSeries European LED Drivers »

Specially designed to fit the requirements and specifications of the European market.

connected driver

Connected Driver »

A programmable 0-10V constant current driver with the ability to add Bluetooth mesh connectivity by attaching a plug-and-play antenna.

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