Constant Current LED Drivers

constant voltage led drivers

Fulham ThoroLED drivers are designed for reliable, high-efficiency performance. A wide range of output currents and case types are available to fit in most common luminaires. Dimmable models feature smooth dimming and compatibility with leading dimmer brands.

Looking for added flexibility? Fulham also carries a full line of programmable drivers

Product Models


LED Driver Guide


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LED Systems Guide (includes modules and emergency systems)


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0-10V Dimming Constant Current Drivers

Model Output Watts (W) Output Current (mA) Output Voltage (VDC) Input Voltage IP Dimensions (L x W x H) Case Type Spec Sheet
T1M1UNV0350-15L 15 350 21-42 120-277V; 50/60Hz 64 3.94" x 1.18" x 0.91" Linear w/End Leads Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet – Old for Reference
T1M1UNV0700-30L 30 700 18-45 120-277V; 50/60Hz 64 4.65" x 1.18" x 1.16" Linear w/End Leads Spec Sheet
T1M1UNV0900-40L 40 900 10-45 120-277V; 50/60Hz 64 9.49” x 1.3” x 1.06” Linear w/End Leads Spec Sheet

TRIAC Dimming Constant Current Drivers

Non-Dimming Constant Current Drivers

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