Fulham recognizes two compelling reasons to develop and support horticulture lighting solutions with an expanded portfolio of Vizion and FarmHorse LED modules:

  1. The world’s existing agricultural systems cannot keep pace with population growth. Innovation is crucial in horticulture to meet the food demands of society.
  2. More and more U.S. states (and likely soon Federally) are legalizing high value crops that yield CBD and THC used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. These crops are most often grown in either protected, indoor areas with artificial lighting or in greenhouses with supplemental lighting.

Furtherance of food and medicine production is an essential component of Fulham’s interest in lighting supportive of public health and well-being.

North America Featured Product Catalog

North America Catalog:

LinearHO LED Modules and Kits

Linear High Output
Modules and Retrofit Kits

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Low Profile LinearHO LED Modules

Low Profile Linear
High Output Modules

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ECO Series LED Modules

Vizion ECO Series
DC LED Modules

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