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Fulham Distribution’s Mantra: DO MORE WITH LESS!

Fulham established itself over 25 years ago with product programs specifically designed to be used in multitudes of ways. WorkHorse ballasts, Fulham’s best known early examples (that are still relevant today), can be installed for use with many, many lamp types in a variety of configurations. Jump ahead to present day, and Fulham has continued to carry its core philosophy forward for versatility, convenience, SKU-reduction/ordering ease, storage space reduction, cost savings and quick installation to the majority of its product offerings suited for the Distribution Channel. Fulham’s products, therefore, continue to be the “components of choice” to eliminate hassles in the field. They address whatever unexpected challenges may arise both quickly and cost-effectively! Partial examples include:

  • WorkHorse Programmable LED Drivers: Versatile, Reliable & Convenient; field programmable and re-programmable; one driver for many purposes eliminates trips back and forth to pick up supplies. Do more with less!
  • CCT (Color Temperature) Selectable DC LED Retrofit Kits: Lighting design flexibility is offered here with an on-PCB toggle that switches between six Kelvin temps ranging from 2700K-5000K. Do more with less!
  • Programmable Emergency Battery Backups: For instance, our FHSCP-UNV-10P-S-SD slim unit (spec sheet here) offers between 3W-10W of Emergency Power programmable in the field with our handheld display. Do more with less!
  • 25W Micro-inverters: Fulham’s micro-inverter is flexible enough for use with ANY lighting technology (not just LED) and can power up to 150W of dimmable fixtures at a 25W level up to 90 mins in Emergency mode. Do more with less!
  • HotSpot1 modular LED systems: Add inconspicuous EM lighting to existing non-emergency fixtures by only adding these few components – to preserve your fixture investment. Do more with less!
  • SunHorse Programmable Germicidal UV Ballasts: The same versatility and convenience of our other programmable products, but for UV lamps; plus, a new display with lamp monitoring to eliminate costly testing. Do more with less!
  • And much, much more – each with Fulham’s overall, consistent theme that follows our mantra… Built-in, multi-functional convenience, speed, versatility and cost-savings using the least number of items possible. Do more with less! Choose Fulham!


Do More With Less
Fulham Distribution
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Energy Solutions For:
Facility Managers (Offices & Retail)

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Do More With…
Versatile Microinverters
Operating ANY Technology


Do More With…
CCT Selectable
DC LED Retrofit Kits


Do More With…
Programmable LED Drivers to
Save Time, Add Convenience


Bluetooth Mesh Solutions

VividHorse LED Panel
& Troffer Retrofits
CCT-Selectable and Power-Selectable

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Fulham Trifecta at a Glance

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