Fulham Provides Essential Solutions

Fulham pictures a world in which society can benefit from everything the latest technology makes possible – health, safety, energy efficiency and convenience. Decades of experience puts Fulham at the forefront of innovative technology in ESSENTIAL lighting products with emphasis on these applications:

EmergencyGermicidal UVRefrigerationHorticulture

‘Do More With Less’

Versatile Items Save Time & Money

From inception, Fulham has developed several of its core product programs with multi-purpose functionality for convenience, SKU-reduction, ordering ease, storage space reduction, cost savings and quick installation in mind. Explore below for several items that allow you to ‘Do More With Less!’

Programmable LED DriversProgrammable Emergency SolutionsCCT-Selectable Retrofit KitsMicro-InvertersWorkHorse Ballasts

Uncommonly Robust Engineering Capabilities

Fulham is not merely an importer, multi-lister and reseller. Our in-house Engineering Team is the point of origin for our innovations. Fulham develops items for general release around the world, plus items unique to customer requirements. We’ve been doing this for decades both quickly and competitively. Learn more below:

CustomizationsRapid DevelopmentQuick Turn SamplesCompetitive Manufacturing

LED Retrofit Kits and Engines

Retrofitting Made Easy

Retrofitting existing non-LED fixtures to efficient LED technology has never been easier. The Fulham LED retrofit line features field-installable AC Direct Drive and DC LED engine kits in various shapes, LED light power levels (at different lumens / wattage), dimming options, and color temperatures (including CCT-selectable models). DLC® and ENERGY STAR® kits are available. Fulham has recently added LED retrofits for 2×2 and 2×4 troffers and panels, too!

Explore LED Retrofit Kits & EnginesFind Utility Rebates Here

Emergency LED Drivers, Inverters, and EXIT Signs & Lights

Fulham has set the industry standard for LED emergency lighting solutions which bring powerful, reliable backup lighting to nearly any egress situation. When trouble strikes, people don’t want to think about lighting technology – they just want to see well enough to get to safety. Fulham has developed hundreds of dependable lighting systems, many of which are innovative, first-of-their-kind Emergency LED solutions.

Explore Emergency and Exit Solutions

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