Fluorescent Electronic Light Ballasts by Fulham

WorkHorse Ballasts


WorkHorse Universal Voltage »

The contractor’s best friend, these versatile universal voltage fluorescent lighting electronic ballasts are designed for efficiency to run dozens of lamp types in hundreds of combinations.


WorkHorse Dedicated Voltage »

The contractor’s best friend, these versatile ballasts are designed to run dozens of lamp types in hundreds of combinations.


WorkHorse Specifier Grade »

Universal voltage, low THD ballasts ideal for ganging multiple T8 or T12 luminaires. Ballast Factor: >.87 as ANSI specified. Instant Start.


Specialty Ballasts


SunHorse UV & Tanning Ballasts »

Energy-efficient ballasts for germicidal UV applications, including water purification, air purification and surface disinfection. Extended Lamp Life via these electronic ballasts Reduces Maintenance Costs.


IceHorse Low Temperature Ballasts »

Low temperature ballasts that automatically adjust in cold temperatures to provide optimal light output for your light fixture. Deactivated lamp protection.


LongHorse Remote Mount Ballasts »

Provide the flexible lamp operation of a WorkHorse ballast, along with remote mount capability. Operates up to 20ft. From Lamp


FireHorse Fluorescent Emergency Ballasts »

Provide reliable illumination during power outages and are compatible with a wide range of fluorescent lamps and common TLEDs.


RaceHorse Light Ballasts for CFL Lamps»

Compact design for general CFL lighting applications.


RaceHorse Ballasts for T5HO & T5HE Lamps »

Flexible lamp operation for a wide range of applications.


Pony Electronic Ballasts »

Compact, flexible ballasts for use with CFL, Circle, T5 lamp, T8 lamp, and T12 lamp applications.

SugarCube Ballastsr

SugarCube Ballasts »

Efficient, lightweight ballasts ideal for compact applications, including under-cabinet lighting, sconces, and downlights.

As you can see based on the vast assortment above, Fulham offers a wide range of electronic fluorescent ballasts for a multitude of both general lighting and specialty, Essential applications – in variations designed for use in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Asia and elsewhere. 

Electronic ballasts are used with operation of fluorescent lighting, for instance, to limit the current to an optimal, efficient level in a particular application; thus the many varieties of ballasts used in different conditions or for different purposes with different lamps, e.g. refrigeration ballasts, germicidal UV ballasts, general illumination ones, ballasts made specifically for CFLs or other lamps types, and so on. (NOTE: The term “ballast” is normally used to refer to power supplies related to fluorescent tubes or UV lamp technology, while “driver” is used with LED technology, “transformer” for HID lamp technologies such as metal halide or HPS, and “generator” for induction lamps. These power supplies are NOT interchangeable across different technology types. For instance, HID lamps cannot be powered using LED drivers. A metal halide lamp is not compatible with a fluorescent ballast. Fluorescent ballasts are for lamp such as fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps / CFLs, Circline fluorescent lamps, etc.)

Our fluorescent ballast program successes all started with the now-famous WorkHorse ballast program which allows contractors the convenience of carrying a minimal number of different items / SKUs to meet the needs of a host of problems they may find in the field. This is because WorkHorse electronic ballasts can be wired in many ways as incredibly versatile pieces of technology.

However, Fulham’s engineering prowess with ballasts has expanded well into several niche areas for OEM lighting manufacturers in the Essential categories of Germicidal UV lighting, Emergency lighting and Refrigeration & cold temperature lighting applications (in freezers and coolers used for safe storage of both medicine and food). 

With Germicidal UV lighting, our SunHorse brand optimizes UV-C lamps’ output for air, water and surface purification purposes (including luminaires addressing COVID-19). 

The next SunHorse innovation which will enjoy an imminent release in Q3 2021, and it will be a Programmable SunHorse ballast that achieves the same versatility and convenience as the popular WorkHorse series of products. It’s designed for energy efficiency, lamp optimization and longevity / maintenance reduction. But it also allows either an OEM to carry fewer items (or to substitute it in for items they are not able to acquire conveniently, during component shortages). Programmables are also versatile for field replacement purposes to eliminate the need for many SKUs of different, individual products; maintenance folk can acquire a programmable ballast, then set it as needed after assessing what they are up against in the field. This can save time to acquire exact, dedicated items, as well as save time in the form of trips to pick up more parts. 

Emergency ballasts provide battery backup capability to fixtures during power outages. When there is an electrical issue, people need to get to safety as Priority One, so reliability of EM items is inherently Essential to human wellness. Fulham has advanced well beyond FireHorse Emergency Fluorescent Ballasts in the Emergency lighting category, via many LED items – including HotSpot 1 that can supplement fluorescent fixtures’ lighting with LED emergency capability – but the FireHorse Fluorescent Ballasts show on this page are also still as relevant today as they ever were for certain kinds of applications. 

Our IceHorse brand of fluorescent ballasts is useful for refrigeration lighting applications, such as freezers / freezer cases, food storage / refrigerators, flower cases, meat / seafood / deli cases, or medical (vaccine) storage. They are outfitted with industry-standard Molex® connectors that make them quick and easy to install into new fixtures or for use during in-field service replacing ballasts.  [Molex is a registered trademark of Molex, LLC]

Generally-speaking, our ample range of fluorescent electronic ballasts are outfitted with features that benefit OEMs and end users, whether it be end-of-life protection, rapid start, instant start or programmed start attributes, high power ballast factor, low THD, several ranges of universal or dedicated input voltages, certifications for different global markets, or wide ranges of ambient running temperatures. If you cannot find the ballast you seek, Fulham is also equipped with in-house, custom engineering capabilities through the Fulham Custom Shop. We are well-known to work with customers to develop new items they can use for their applications, whether for general purpose or specialty purposes. 

An additional point of distinction concerning electronic fluorescent ballasts is Fulham’s quality. We’ve often stated that “Quality is our most important product.” The reliability of our products means minimizing costly rework, which is particularly important when fixtures are installed in high, hard-to-reach places. As a U.S.-based company, you can also be assured that we stand by our warranties, as we have throughout our long company history. 

By contrast, when solely, only shopping based on price – without factoring quality or point of origin into the equation (when dealing directly with no-name exporters who sell direct), you could end up with headaches, failures, re-installations, degradation of your agent or end-user goodwill (and resulting poor social media coverage), lack of factory responsibility, a warranty that could be hard to enforce, or a company that is hard to reach or defunct – with no recourse if they stop responding. Peace of mind is crucial for your lighting applications and products bearing your name, and Fulham has been a trusted hallmark of high quality for decades that stands by its products and customer partners around the world.

Speaking of being a global company, you’ll also notice an assortment of Fulham fluorescent lighting products above that are designed and suited either for foreign markets or for products exported to those markets, including European items, India items, China items and more. With more than one factory in producing Fulham goods in different parts of the world for use in different parts of the world, Fulham is able to offer both standard and Custom products that can meet nearly anyone’s needs. 

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