Fulham’s SIG Qualified Bluetooth mesh drivers, sensors, and devices enable building system interaction and linkage through the cloud.

Connected Driver T1C1UNV150P-40L

A 40W, 0-10V constant current driver with the unique ability to add Bluetooth connectivity by attaching an intelligent Bluetooth antenna. Compatible with third-party sensors, wall switches, and other devices, the connected driver serves as the core component for powerful, easy-to-expand connected systems.

Bluetooth to 0-10V Bridge CTBRCB03JM03

A simple, easy-to-install component that adds SIG Qualified Bluetooth mesh capability to existing 0-10V drivers. New Bluetooth mesh networking technology allows multiple devices to communicate with each other, creating opportunities for larger, more efficient lighting networks.

Interested in learning more about Fulham’s emerging Bluetooth mesh driver technology? Contact us for more information about what Bluetooth drivers and bridges can do for you.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Fulham’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) LED drivers and engines enable luminaires to easily become high-speed access points to lighting and building control systems, with cloud-based information sharing and intuitive user controls.

Simple Integrates DC power distribution and communication in one cable
Flexible Works within existing building infrastructure, does not require an electrician to install
Future-proof Abundant communications bandwidth for future IoT sensors and devices

Want to learn more about Power over Ethernet? Contact Fulham’s PoE experts for more on how to create new lighting solutions with PoE.

Fulham elitedali & EnOcean®

Fulham’s elitedali for Niagara® driver is the industry’s easiest to commission and operate DALI management and control system. It enables Certfied Niagara system integrator partners and OEMs to use existing Niagara Framework tools, skills and knowledge to connect up to 1536 DALI lamps and 24 DALI networks to a single Niagara Platform for device commissioning, control, maintenance, management, and more.

Fulham’s EnOcean Niagara driver enables the seamless integration of wireless EnOcean energy harvesting switches, sensors and other devices.

Learn more about Fulham eliteDALI and EnOcean solutions here »

Wireless dimming and driver management


Fulham has teamed with Tvilight to develop the industry’s first integrated driver with wireless, cloud-based IoT management and controls. This award-wining solution provides a groundbreaking power and control system for outdoor lighting networks, and creates the infrastructure for Smart City applications.

  • Programmable drivers in a range of power levels
  • Real-time driver and luminaire health monitoring
  • Simplified installation and commissioning

Learn more about WorkHorse LED Extreme wireless programmable drivers here »

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