Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Fulham pictures a world in which society can benefit from everything the latest technology makes possible – health, safety, energy efficiency and convenience. Decades of experience puts Fulham at the forefront of innovative technology in essential lighting products, intelligent lighting controls combined with healthcare and sanitation that offer quality, versatility and sustainability that add value for our customers.


Our Mission

Our mission is to design and manufacture the most innovative, essential components in the industry. By doing so, we enable customers to build best-in-class equipment in their given fields, making their products more relevant, differentiated and profitable.

Fulham is no longer just a lighting company. Our primary focus and product strategies center around necessary components for critical health & safety applications. These products include: 1) Germicidal UV items for air, surface, and water purification; 2) Emergency/Exit Solutions mandated by fire & safety building codes; 3) Horticultural Systems for maximizing vertical farming yields; and 4) Low Temperature power & light solutions for reliable industrial food and medicine storage.

Enviably high reliability, cost-competitiveness and world-class customer responsiveness make us the preferred, trusted partner to our clients worldwide.

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