Why Choose Fulham

  • Known and Trusted Worldwide:
    Successful Global Operation
  • Stable:
    25 Year Legacy, Stand Behind Our Products
  • Reputation for Quality:
    Minimal In-Field Service or Re-installations Required
  • Always Growing and Innovating:
    We Are the Engineers (Not Just Buyers and Resellers)
  • Relevant:
    Strong Foothold with new items in Emerging Markets; Ongoing Sales of Legacy Goods
  • Diversified in Technologies Served:
    Powered Light, Emergency and Control all Under One Roof
  • Varied Solutions (General, Specialty and Essential):
    20 Year Germicidal UV Program, Programs in Refrigeration, Horticulture and more
  • Resilient:
    Diverse Customer Base
  • Differentiated:
    Unique Sales and Marketing Approaches, Broad Product Offering not Reliant on One Technology
  • Leading:
    Number 1 Independent Innovator of Globally-Mandated Emergency Lighting Solutions
  • Insulated:
    Redundant Sources of Supply (both India and Asia Manufacturing)

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