HotSpot LED Emergency Systems

Fulham’s revolutionary HotSpot family of LED emergency systems brings powerful, reliable LED backup lighting to any situation. Whether it’s retrofitting existing fluorescent troffers or designing new LED fixtures, Fulham has set the industry standard for LED emergency solutions.

ezexit LED emergency lighting systems

HotSpot EZ Exit LED Emergency System »

High lumen, reliable LED emergency system that integrates seamlessly into T-grid ceilings.

HotSpot LED Emergency Drivers

HotSpot Plus LED Driver & Emergency System »

Programmable, constant current driver with integrated emergency driver and replaceable battery.


 HotSpot1 LED Emergency System Kits »

UL Classified, field-installable emergency LED lighting kits, ideal for troffers and retrofits.


HotSpot1 Emergency LED Lighting System »

Modular systems add LED emergency capability to existing luminaires.


HotSpot2 LED Emergency Lighting System »

Provides LED emergency illumination by driving existing LED modules during power outages. Designed for OEM use.

HotSpot Constant Power Programmable

HotSpot Constant Power Programmable LED Emergency Drivers »

Emergency LED Drivers that provide programmable, constant power emergency output for luminaire manufacturers.

HotSpot Constant Power

HotSpot Constant Power for In-Fixture use »

Industry’s Smallest 4W Emergency System!

HotSpot Constant Power

HotSpot Constant Power for AC LED Engines »

Field or Factory Installable 6W Emergency Driver for Fulham AC Engines

HotSpot Constant Power

HotSpot Constant Power LED Emergency Drivers »

Provides field-installable, constant power output for LED luminaires.

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