Emergency LED Drivers, Inverters, and EXIT Lighting & Signs

Fulham has set the industry standard for LED emergency lighting solutions which bring powerful, reliable backup lighting to nearly any egress situation. Fulham knows that when trouble strikes, people don’t want to think about lighting technology – they just want to see well enough to get to safety. Fulham has developed hundreds of dependable lighting systems, many of which are innovative, first-of-their-kind Emergency LED solutions. 

Fulham has nearly become synonymous with its award-winning HotSpot LED emergency solutions that add LED backup lighting capability to existing fixtures – either through use of supplemental LED modules or by using a fixture’s existing modules in conjunction with compact and/or narrow Fulham battery packs. Some of Fulham’s newer innovations allow for its emergency LED solutions to operate at either lower ambient temperatures or with higher lumen outputs, to deliver constant power in outage or emergency scenarios. Others, such as programmable FireHorse products, are made with versatility in mind for our customers.

Whether it’s retrofitting existing fluorescent troffers or wall sconces in the field to LED, designing new LED fixtures, adding emergency fluorescent ballasts to fluorescent fixtures, using our new 25W micro inverter / power supply across individual or multiple luminaires (of any technology type – not just LED), or installing LED emergency lights & EXIT signs for safe egress, Fulham’s systems are designed to perform reliably when you need them most.


25W Micro-Inverter / Emergency Power Supply »

Delivers power to any fixture in emergency mode at 25W for 90 minutes.

HotSpot High Bay Emergency Driver »

New EM LED Driver for use with UFO LED Fixtures in dry or damp locations.

HotSpot Constant Power Programmable

HotSpot Constant Power Programmable LED Emergency Drivers »

Emergency LED Drivers that provide programmable, constant power emergency output for luminaire manufacturers.

HotSpot Constant Power for In-Fixture use »

Emergency LED Drivers with fixed Constant Power Emergency Output – including the Industry’s Smallest 4W Emergency System!


HotSpot1 Emergency LED Lighting System »

Modular systems add LED emergency capability to existing luminaires.


HotSpot2 LED Emergency Lighting System (OEM Only) »

Provides LED emergency illumination by driving existing LED modules during power outages. Designed for OEM use.

HotSpot LED Emergency Drivers

HotSpot Plus LED Driver & Emergency System »

Programmable, constant current driver with integrated emergency driver and replaceable battery.


 HotSpot1 LED Emergency System Kits »

UL Classified, field-installable emergency LED lighting kits, ideal for troffers and retrofits.

HotSpot Constant Power for AC LED Engines

HotSpot Constant Power for AC LED Engines »

Field or Factory Installable 6W Emergency Driver for Fulham AC Engines

HotSpot Constant Power

HotSpot Constant Power LED Emergency Drivers »

Provides field-installable, constant power output for LED luminaires.


FireHorse Fluorescent Emergency Ballasts »

A tried and true emergency lighting solution for traditional fluorescent systems. Can be installed into recesses in a fixture cavity, on top of a fixture, etc.

exit signs

Emergency Exit Lighting & Signage Systems »

Fulham now carries a host of LED Emergency Fixtures and classic EXIT emergency signage. Many of these solutions are equipped with self-diagnostic capabilities for lesser maintenance requirements, while the use of LED lighting in these emergency systems draws less power and also decreases maintenance.

As you can see from above, Fulham Engineers have developed many completely original and award-winning Exit Emergency lighting systems, products, and solutions, both as dedicated or programmable Constant Power systems, plus a host of additional egress items that put it at the forefront of the Emergency LED category. This includes miniature LED systems, such as our 4W – the smallest in the industry (allowing OEMs to add emergency battery backup capability to fixtures that were never able to feature it before)… as well as UNV (120-277V) or 220-240V options for OEM export products used in other areas of the world.

The Exit / Emergency category is a specialty and priority for Fulham as part of our Essential Products initiative that also includes crucial lighting products for Germicidal UV, Refrigeration and Horticulture applications. In combination with Emergency LED solutions, Fulham brings truly distinctive programs to the table that elevate the feature sets and unique aspects of customers’ fixtures, allowing them to become more differentiated versus their competitors and to command higher margins for their luminaries. You can realize these benefits, as well. Harness the Horsepower with Fulham’s FireHorse and HotSpot brands today!

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