HotSpot1 LED Emergency Lighting System


HotSpot1 modular LED systems add inconspicuous emergency lighting capability to existing non-emergency fixtures, such as recessed lighting and wall sconces. A wide choice of lumen output levels, run times, discrete size, universal input voltage, and plug-n-play low voltage output wiring provide extreme adaptability, low cost of installation, and a high level of safety during operation.

Also available: HotSpot1 Kits for Troffers. These field-installable cULus kits include a HotSpot1 driver, battery, module(s), and installation hardware. Click here for more.

LED Modules

Battery Packs and Lead Extensions »
Wallplate for HotSpot1 Remote Mount Test Switch »

Driver Specifications

Driver Specifications


  • Model: FHS1-UNV-3.6L
  • Input Voltage: 120-277VAC
  • Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Input Current: 0.07 A
  • Input Wattage: 4 W
  • No Load Power Loss: 0.5W
  • Surge Protection: C62.41 (TVS)
  • Over Current Protection: Fuse
  • Recharge Time: 24-48 Hrs
  • LED Connection: Parallel
  • LED Output Protection: Self Resetting PTC
  • Output Classification: UL1310/Class 2
  • Compatible Batteries: NiCd, 3.6 VDC
  • Battery Capacities: 3AH, 4AH, 7AH
  • Illumination time : 90 – 240 Min.
  • LED types: 1W – 5W
  • LED Currents: 350 mA – 1,500 mA
  • Total LED power: 10W

Spec Sheets

Specification Sheets

HotSpot1 Driver and Battery Packs: FHS1-UNV-3.6L

HotSpot1 LED Modules/Arrays:



Model: FHS6-AR-3W-L
Wattage: 3.3W

Model: FHS1-AR-4W-L
Wattage: 4W

  • Wall Sconce
  • Ceiling Flush Mount
  • Low Level Lighting
  • Linear Arrays Are Linkable




Models: FHS3-AR-6W-SH (small H)
FHS3-AR-10W-SH (small H)
FHS4-AR-8W-LH (large H)
FHS4-AR-10W-LH (large H)
Wattage: 6W/8W/10W

  • Wall Sconce
  • Ceiling Flush Mount

Battery Packs and Lead Extensions

Wallplate for Hotspot1 Remote Mount Test Switch

FireHorse-wallplate-FHSWLPWHAllows remote mounting of test switch for FHS1-UNV-3.6L emergency driver. For use with recessed cans and other difficult to access fixtures.

Part number: FHSWLPWH

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