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ThoroLED™ THCC (Constant Current) Compact Programmable 30 Watt LED Driver

HotSpot™ Constant Power Emergency Driver

w/ Integrated Battery & Back Leads

LED Module Wiring Explained – VIZION & VividHorse Modules

VIZION™ Outdoor LED Modules

Cuttable LED Modules – Vizion Linear DC Modules

Linear 12 Watt Constant Power Emergency LED Driver

w/ Integrated Battery (FHSCP-UNV-12W-L-SD)

Custom Shop can modify and develop unique items to YOUR SPECS

Type HL All-In-One HotSpot LED Driver and EM Driver

with integral battery

SunHorse Programmable Display Capabilities Short

SmartSet Programmer – More Programming Options

Online Resources: Specs, Videos, Collateral & More

HotSpot Emergency LED Driver for UFO Highbays!

COMMISSIONING OVERVIEW of Fulham’s EliteBlue™ Bluetooth Control Products

EliteControl Brand Bluetooth® Bridge

wireless controls made easy

Fluorescent Ballast Types EXPLAINED

Instant Start, Rapid Start, Programmed Start

HotSpot2 COLD PACK EM BATTERY for low temp environments

Versatile Fulham WorkHorse Ballasts for use in many, many ways!

Harness The Horsepower!

HotSpot 2 LED Emergency System for OEM fixture makers

HotSpot 10W Linear Programmable EM Driver

HotSpot Plus 70W Slim: Shrink your Emergency Footprint!

HotSpot 1 Emergency Kits : Emergency Lighting Simplified

Color Selectable Fulham VividHorse DC Engines

More CCT Options, Less Hassle

VividHorse Troffer Retrofit Sensor & Remote


HotSpot Remote Mountable Constant Power Drivers

40W Normal + Emergency LED Drivers w/ Integrated Battery

(HotSpot Plus)

Self Diagnostics : Function Overview for select EM products

EBD Emergency Battery Disengagement SIMPLIFIED

LED Driver Design : Isolated vs. Non-Isolated Differences

Custom LED Module Capability

LED Modules for all needs!

SMART DISPLAY features & benefits:

SunHorse Programmable Germicidal UV Ballasts

HotSpot Test Switch

Which Items Have Self Diagnostic Capability & How to Use It

HotSpot2 (FHS2) Battery Replacement Overview in 60 Seconds!

Programmable UV Ballasts

Legacy Fluorescent Ballast Programs

QUICK OVERVIEW: SmartSet PC Software

Versatile WorkHorse & ThoroLED Programmable Drivers

2023 Corporate Video : Essentials and more!

VividHorse™ 120V DirectAC LED Light Engines

CCT- and Power-Selectable Options

Smallest 4 Watt LED Emergency Driver in the Industry


Recorded Webinar: ESSENTIAL Exit/Emergency Solutions

FireHorse 25 Watt Output Micro-Inverter

EXIT & Emergency Signs and Lights

Including new cULus running man

Modular Emergency Lighting Solutions

Recorded Webinar: SunHorse Programmable UV Ballast

Fulham India Virtual Factory Tour

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