Fulham introduced its SunHorse for Germicidal UV applications over 20 years ago. What was then a specialty area has quickly morphed today into an absolute necessity due to the sizeable, growing, global demand for disinfection and purification lighting solutions both presently and in a post-pandemic world. What’s more, several of Fulham’s WorkHorse, RaceHorse and SugarCube products are also versatile enough to be utilized for optimized UV equipment purposes, and early 2021 will see the introduction of Fulham’s first programmable output SunHorse ballasts. SunHorse is essential to society. As such, it plays a significant role in Fulham’s future.

Specific advantages of Fulham’s Germicidal UV ballasts include:

  • Multi-lamp operation (up to 6 lamps operating from 1 ballast, depending on the model)
  • Dimmable and non-dimmable options
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Extended lamp life that equates to low maintenance
  • Compatibility with a wide range of lamp types and configurations
  • Lamp and ballast status indicators
  • Lamp hour and ballast hour displays
  • Digital outputs to interface with PLC or other control systems

North America Catalog:

  • Download PDF (updated March 2024)
  • View Online


Electronic Ballasts for UV & Germicidal Applications

  • Download PDF (18MB)
  • View Online
  • Historical PDF for ref

Fulham UV flyer for LightSources UV Lamps

  • Download PDF (2.2MB)
  • View Online

Ballasts Electroniques Pour Applications UV et Germicides

  • Download PDF (14MB)
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