Emergency LED Drivers, Inverters, and EXIT Lighting & Signs

Let’s admit it – Deep down, we’re all afraid of the dark. This is especially true in emergencies and power outages when bad things can happen in the dark, even in familiar places. That’s why, in modern times, we created emergency backup lighting designed to kick in automatically when the main system goes down.

This is usually a secondary generator or LED battery backup system that provides temporary illumination until a location is vacated or the lights go back on. In other words, the purpose of LED emergency lighting is to illuminate the quickest path of egress in a power outage situation so that building occupants can reach safe conditions.

Until recently, emergency backup lighting was noticeably inferior to the main system. It was, after all, designed to be just a stopgap measure, like those dinky 25-mile emergency spare tires of a car intended to last as far as the next gas station.

But now, based on increasingly stringent safety code requirements, the lighting industry has developed a variety of reliable, long-lasting and brighter-burning emergency lighting systems – most of which employ LED lighting and provide emergency light to codes often of 90 minutes or more.

Fulham has developed a wide-ranging and innovative, award-winning range of lighting system Emergency Solutions as follows (under both the FireHorse and the HotSpot LED brand names):

HotSpot LED Emergency Drivers

HotSpot Plus LED Driver & Emergency Lighting System (All-in-One, compact, combo unit) »

This revolutionary emergency lighting system combines the functions of a dimmable, programmable LED driver, emergency LED driver, and replaceable backup battery in a single compact unit.

Under normal conditions, this all-in-one lighting system solution operates as a constant current driver; during a power outage, the integrated battery automatically activates, providing reliable emergency illumination for safe building egress.

Benefits include smaller size, simplified installation, and bringing emergency lighting LED capability to smaller luminaires.

40W models: 5W for 180 minutes or 10W for 90 minutes — 70W model: 7W for 90 minutes, programmable for lower power and longer runtime.

HotSpot Constant Power Programmable

HotSpot Constant Power Programmable LED Emergency Driver »

Provides programmable, constant power emergency lighting output for existing LED modules.

Advanced features include self-diagnostics and detailed data logging. Meets CEC Title 20 battery charger requirements. A complete system consists of an emergency lighting driver and emergency.

The benefits of a Programmable LED driver are multi-fold. Mostly, programmability means versatility. You can program it to whatever your need is in the moment, either in the field or in the factory. This can translate into SKU reduction, which could mean economies of scale in purchasing or fewer trips to the electrical distributor when you already have something on a truck that can meet the requirements of a job.

Programmable LED drivers also serve an important purpose during electrical component shortages. If you otherwise cannot get a different item you’re used to, these act as great stand-ins to cover your immediate needs.

HotSpot Constant Power

HotSpot Constant Power LED Emergency Drivers »

Adds field-installable emergency lighting capability to LED luminaires.

Provides backup power to the luminaire’s LED modules for emergency light for at least 90 minutes. The cULus Classified driver is designed for flexibility, with multiple mounting options, a conduit feed, and an illuminated test switch.

HotSpot Constant Power

HotSpot Constant Power 4Watt »

The SMALLEST 4W LED driver in the industry! Just 5.34” x 1.69” x 1.01”! It provides constant power emergency output for existing LED modules.

Meets CEC Title 20 battery charger requirements. This emergency light system includes an emergency lighting driver and an integrated backup battery.

HotSpot Constant Power 10W Slim Emergency System »

Approximately 50% smaller than the competition! Dimensions: 16.7” x 1.18” x 1.00”.

Provides programmable, constant power emergency output for existing LED modules. Advanced features include self-diagnostics and detailed data logging.

Meets CEC Title 20 battery charger requirements. This system includes an emergency lighting driver and an integrated battery.

HotSpot Constant Power

HotSpot Constant Power 6W Emergency Driver for Fulham Vizion AC (alternating current) Engines »

Most cost-effective emergency lighting solution designed to operate Fulham AC LED engines (Ex. linear, round, rectangular)


FireHorse 25W Micro-Inverter/Emergency Power Supply »

Works with any fixture(s) ≤150W for 25W of Constant Emergency Power for 90 minutes (Not only for LED!).

Its uniqueness stems from its ability to run a fixture greater than 25W by using built-in 0-10V dimming wires.

For example, the unit will scale down the power of a 150W fixture to 25W in Emergency Light Mode, allowing customers to use this inverter in high output applications where previously a costly inverter was the only solution.

The FHUPS1-UNV-25L-SD can support one fixture rated for 150W or multiple fixtures whose system wattage adds up to 150W in normal operation (although anything greater exceeds the input power rating of the unit.)

This reduces the number of SKUs needed for emergency lighting fixtures to save money.


FireHorse Emergency Fluorescent Ballasts »

Wide range of lamp and ballast compatibility, CEC Title 20 Compliant models available, UL listed for damp locations, Integrated LED power indicator/test switch


HotSpot2 LED Emergency Light System »

The HotSpot2 system operates a fixture’s existing LED modules in emergency mode. HotSpot2 is a CEC-compliant, UL924 recognized emergency lighting system for use with LED modules driven by a constant current source.

The battery charger automatically adjusts to the connected battery. The output current can be set by a wiring harness or Fulham’s SmartSet programming software, allowing a wide range of lumen outputs and runtimes. Self-diagnostic capability reduces liability and maintenance costs.


 HotSpot1 LED Emergency System »

Seamlessly add inconspicuous emergency lighting to existing non-emergency fixtures, such as recessed lighting and wall sconces, with the HotSpot1 modular LED systems.

A wide choice of lumen output levels, run times, discrete size, universal input voltage, and plug-n-play low voltage output wiring provide extreme adaptability, low cost of installation, and a high level of safety during operation.

Linear and H-shaped LED arrays available.

ezexit LED emergency lighting systems

HotSpot EZ Exit LED Emergency System »

Inconspicuous, architectural solution that nearly disappears into the ceiling; Fits seamlessly into standard T-grid ceilings; Replaces obtrusive “bug-eye” emergency lights; Integrated test switch, multiple mounting options; Constant power emergency lighting driver provides reliable, high lumen output; 2- foot or 4- foot lengths

exit signs

LED Emergency Light Fixtures and EXIT signs (including Salida, Chicago Approved and New York Approved varieties) »

Fulham carries a wide variety of EXIT Signs and LED Emergency fixtures with many different features. A latest feature for a couple different emergency light units is either High Lumen Output or the ability to function in low ambient temperatures.

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