Selectable Current LED Drivers

Below please find links to spec sheets that relate to Newly Launched and Available PONY Selectable Current IP20 LED Drivers. Please contact your Fulham representative for more details and to order.

• Versatility and Convenience via seven models that cover 300 to 1300mA
• Three Selectable Preset Currents per model via an easily accessible multi-position switch (50mA intervals with no need for a programmer)
• Mitigates Supply Shortages for dedicated items when they are hard to find
• 0-10V Dimming from 100%-10%
• cULus Listed, Class P (Class 2 Output)
• Low Profile linear drivers with wires (11.02″ x 1.18″ x 0.83″)

• PONY Selectable Current (PYCC) Presentation

PONY Selectable Current (PYCC) – Presentation

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