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High power LED Modules

Fulham’s UVA and UVC LED modules are ideal solutions for specialty UV light applications. Available in 365nm and 395nm peak wavelength UVA light options suitable for curing, photo-catalyst and detecting use. Also available in 270nm peak wavelength UVC light to provide high-efficiency germicidal radiation for surface sterilization and purification.

  • 270nm, 365nm and 395nm peak wavelengths cover the major UVA and UVC applications
  • Available in 11”, 22” length (UVA) and 8” 11” length (UVC)
  • Integrated aluminum extrusion for superior thermal management
  • 11” UVC module is compatible with 3rd party 12X1 lens for different beam angles
  • Purple light integrated on UVC modules, visual indicator when UVC is on
  • Long lifetime: L50 >15,000hrs
  • Warranty: 3 years

Product Models

UVA Modules

UVC Modules

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