UFO High/Low Bay LED Modules

High power LED Modules

Fulham’s 13” diameter UFO high/low bay modules are designed for up to 200W industrial high/low bay luminaires. Available in 160lm/W and 180lm/W two-efficacy levels for greatest cost-effectiveness and performance.

  • Options for dual-channel 180W max. and single-channel 90W max.
  • 38VDC low voltage, each channel for use in UL Class 2 applications
  • Up to 32,000lm (180W), and 16,000lm (90W) at 4000K 80CRI
  • Choices for standard 160lm/W and performance+ 180lm/W
  • Typical 3 SDCM for high color consistency
  • Ideal for DLC Standard and Premium
  • Long lifetime: L70 > 60,000hrs; L90 = 40,000hrs
  • Warranty: 5 years

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UFO Low/High Bay Modules

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