Fulham’s micro-inverter is a true innovation that enhances life safety emergency lighting systems.

The Fulham FireHorse FHUPS1-UNV-25L-SD is a 25 Watt Micro-Inverter / Emergency Power Supply that delivers power to any lighting fixture in emergency lighting mode at 25 Watts for 90 minutes.

Its uniqueness and differentiability from commonplace emergency lighting inverters stem from its ability to run a lighting fixture greater than 25W (which previously required higher cost, higher wattage emergency lighting inverters) using built-in 0-10V dimming wires.

It works with any lighting fixture ≤150W for 25W of Constant Emergency Power for 90 minutes.

For example, these Fulham FireHorse emergency lighting inverters will scale down the power of a 150W fixture to 25W in Emergency Mode, allowing customers to use this inverter system in high output applications where previously a costly inverter was the only solution.

The FHUPS1-UNV-25L-SD can support one luminaire rated for 150 Watts or multiple fixtures whose system wattage adds up to 150W in normal operation (although anything greater exceeds the input power rating of the unit.) This reduces the number of SKUs needed for emergency lighting fixtures to save money (and to add convenience).

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Universal input
  • UL listed and CEC Title 20 compliant
  • 120-277 VAC output
  • Dims luminaires of up to 150W down to 25W (45VA) in an emergency with 0-10V dimming; 25W(45VA) max without 0-10V dimming
  • 25W output
  • 0 – 50°C ambient rated
  • 12hr recharge time
  • Conduit for leads
  • Under- voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overload protection
  • Easy installation time: no need to open up a luminaire to connect this device to the driver
  • It can be used with luminaires where the driver is not accessible, e.g., UFO high bays
  • Saves money: higher wattage fixtures previously required higher wattage/higher cost emergency lighting inverters
  • Self diagnostic standard
  • RJ11 port allows Bluetooth compatibility
  • Common applications include offices (recessed cans), retail outlets and warehouses

Let’s refer to some lighting examples to clarify how the 25W micro-inverter works:

Scenario 1: Non-Dimming Lighting Fixtures

The inverter will support a fixture or fixtures up to 25 Watts for 90 minutes.

Example: Three 8 Watt fixtures will run for 90 mins on a single inverter. (3 x 8W = 24W < 25W).

How bright will each fixture be?

Full Brightness at 8 Watts each

Scenario 2: 0-10V Dimming Lighting Fixtures

The emergency lighting inverter will leverage the dimming circuit in each lighting fixture to provide 25 total Watts divided across the number of fixtures being operated on the circuit.

Example: Two 70 Watt fixtures will run for 90 mins on a single emergency lighting inverter at 12.5 Watts each

How bright will each fixture be?

Multiply the efficacy of the fixture by 12.5W. In other words, if the efficacy of the fixtures shown in the example are 150 lm/Watt, then the total light output is 150 lm/Watt x 12.5W = 1875 lumens each

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