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LED Modules

High power LED Modules
Fulham offers a wide range of high-efficiency constant current and constant voltage LED modules. Multiple CRI and color temperature options provide the flexibility required for any application, and optimized thermal management and heat dissipation ensures extended LED life. When combined with powerful Fulham LED Drivers and reliable HotSpot LED Emergency Systems, they offer an efficient, complete system solution.


Product Models

Brochures and Wiring Diagrams

Linear HO Modules and Kits Brochure

Linear HO thumbnail

Low Profile Linear HO Modules Brochure

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ECO Series Modules Brochure

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DC Module Wiring Diagrams

DC Modules Wiring Diagrams

LED Modules- Constant Current Linear High Output

Complete retrofit kits available here »

LED Modules- Constant Voltage Linear High Output

LED Modules- ECO Series Linear Modules

Constant Current Lowbay & Highbay Round Modules

wdt_ID Model Number Lumens at 4000K/80CRI Nominal Input Current (mA) Nominal Power (W) Forward Voltage (VDC) Diameter (") Spec Sheet
1 VMU240095HB8xxA (13” Lowbay, Single channel) 14,701 2400 91.70 38.20 13 Spec Sheet
2 VMU240095HB8xxB (13” Lowbay, Single channel, Performance+) 16,074 2400 88.90 37.00 13 Spec Sheet
3 VM2240190HB8xxA (13” Highbay, Dual channel) 29,401 2400 x 2 183.40 38.20 13 Spec Sheet
4 VM2240190HB8xxB (13” Highbay, Dual channel, Performance+) 32,149 2400 x 2 177.80 37.00 13 Spec Sheet

Lenses and End Caps

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