WorkHorse Ballasts

Fulham was the first company to develop a single ballast to operate multiple lamp types. While this innovative way of thinking has spurred many imitations, no one can match the flexibility and reliability of WorkHorse. When contractors carry WorkHorse ballasts with them, they know they can handle any situation they might encounter, without ever leaving the job site.


WorkHorse Ballasts »

The contractor’s best friend, these versatile ballasts are designed to run dozens of lamp types in hundreds of combinations.


LongHorse Ballasts »

Provide the flexible lamp operation of a WorkHorse ballast, along with remote mount capability.


WorkHorse Commercial Grade »

Passive power factor correction ballasts that provide high power factor on a dedicated voltage line.


WorkHorse Specifier Grade »

Universal voltage, low THD ballasts ideal for ganging multiple T8 or T12 luminaires.

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