Emergency Solutions Coming Soon

Here you’ll find upcoming releases in Fulham’s ESSENTIAL Emergency product category that focus on life safety solutions. Fulham has long been known as an innovator in this area to help fixture makers add Emergency capability to their products in versatile, clever and cost-efficient ways.

FireHorse 50W Micro-Inverter/Emergency Power Supply

  • Emergency (EM) with sine wave output
  • Delivers power to any fixture(s) of any technology in EM mode at 50W for 90 minutes
  • Automatic EM power sharing capability for one or multiple fixtures
  • Max load 320W with 0-10V Dimming
  • Output Voltage Auto Select: 120/220/277VAC

Constant Power Emergency Drivers

  • Constant Power options: 15W, 16W
  • Multiple form factors: Linear, Stick
  • Programmable and non-programmable
  • Wires or Connectors
  • Self Diagnostics standard
  • High Voltage Output option

Cold Temperature Programmable EM driver

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