Fulham Induction Retrofit Services

Fulham provides a complete range of support services to allow customers to retrofit their existing fixtures with HighHorse Induction Lamps & Ballasts. The unique Fulham induction conversion system not only takes full advantage of Induction technology but provides a cost-effective solution with minimal investment.

Fulham HighHorse Induction Retrofit Systems make it easy to retrofit existing fixtures, minimize labor cost of conversion, ensure reliability and maximize the expected lifetimes of components.

The Fulham UL certified laboratory in Los Angeles is staffed with highly skilled engineering talent and the most state-of-the-art testing equipment in the world, including lamp spheres for testing lumen output and efficiency.

Several Fulham Induction Retrofit Success Stories can be found here.

Why start from scratch? Information on pre-made retrofitted fixtures can be downloaded here.



  1. Generator Mounting and Thermal Management
  2. Lamp Mounting and Optical Enhancement
  3. Ease of Installation Components
  4. Thermal & Conductivity Test Report
  5. Component CAD Drawings*
  6. Installation Instructions
  7. Warranty Evaluation

*Contact factory for applicable charges.

400 Watt MH system retrofitted to 200W Induction system with disc generatorENGINEERING SERVICES – SYSTEM EVALUATION

Fulham determines the best lamp and ballast combination for the existing fixture; this includes:
• Ballast mounting and thermal management
• Lamp mounting and optical enhancement
• Ease of installation component options
• Retro-fit Component CAD drawings
• Installation instructions
• Evaluation sample


Fulham takes the responsibility to ensure that the retrofit meets the UL Certification standard and provides the customer with a Multiple Listing for the retrofit fixture.  This guarantees the fixtures operate safely and meet UL standards for this type of fixture conversion.

Cobrahead streetlight retrofitted from 100W HPS to 40W Fulham Induction System with profile generator


During the initial system evaluation Fulham evaluates basic performance; most often this performance level exceeds the existing levels of illumination. Fulham is contracted with an Independent Test Lab and can provide a new IES Photometric file for application specific purposes.


Fulham provides flexible sample programs to ensure the HighHorse Retrofit System meets all the customer requirements.

To take full advantage of HighHorse Induction Lighting in various applications, Fulham works with the customer to maximize the lighting effect and minimize the energy cost; this may require testing the retrofit fixtures before wholesale conversion.


Fulham is known for high quality products and superior support services; HighHorse Induction Systems are designed for the Lamp and Ballast to operate as a system which provide long life and consistent operation.

Before and during the process of retrofit evaluation Fulham provides a Warranty Evaluation Summary; this identifies all the critical data necessary to determine life-expectancy.

HighHorse Induction Systems come with a Full Five-Year Warranty; but much longer life is possible with proper thermal management.

70W MH pole top fixture retrofitted to 35W Fulham Induction System with profile generatorGREEN ENERGY SERVICES – REBATE PROGRAMS

Many programs have and are being offered for converting conventional lighting systems to Induction Lighting technology.  Fulham is constantly reviewing these programs and providing our customers with links to these financial offers.

Where rebate programs do not exist we assist by providing cost and technical evaluation materials that can assist with implementation of a rebate program.